Terms of Use

Booking terms and conditions Haus Servus

Hausservus.nl or hausservus.com (“the Website”) is a website owned and operated by Servus Vermietergemeinschaft (“The Owner”).

1. Booking

1.1. The Booking is between the guest(s) ("the Guest(s)") and the Owner.

1.2. This agreement is made on the basis that the property ("the Property") is to be occupied by the Guest for a temporary holiday.

1.3. A Booking is confirmed once the Guest paid the upfront payment through one of our websites, or when a written consent is given by the Owner. 

1.4 Any bookings made through our websites are subject to these terms and conditions.

2. Payments

2.1 Upon reservation, the Guest is responsible for the full balance of the cost of the holiday, unless a Deposit has been agreed on (in written form) with the Owner beforehand.

3. Owner's responsibilities

3.1 The Owner is responsible for providing accommodation and safety of the Guest(s), but does not accept any responsibility for personal injuries, death, loss of items, or damage to personal property.

4. Guests’ responsibilities

4.1 The Guest(s) shall keep the Property clean and in the same state as it was found in terms of cleanliness, repair, and objects.

4.2 In case any damages are made, the Guest(s) inform the Owner who will decide on a reasonable charge.

4.3 No compensation is provided by the Owner if the Guest(s) host more people/pets than previously agreed on and paid for or when any illegal activity is undertaken at the Property, including smoking.

5. Unavailability of Property

5.1 In the event of the Property becoming unavailable due to snow storms, weather, flooding et cetera, the Owner will try their best to offer alternative accommodation. A refund will be made, but no extra compensation will be given.

6. Cancellations

6.1 In the event of cancellation at whatever moment, there will be no refund.

6.2 Where a Booking has been taken with a deposit, the Guest will, upon cancellation, be liable to pay the difference between the Deposit and the full amount that was agreed on during reservation (including extra costs actively selected at time of booking).

7. Pets

7.1 Pets are never allowed.

7.2 The Owner or caretaker may notify you that you have broken these terms and may cancel this Booking and ask that the Guests leave the Property before the end of the holiday period without compensation, and that they pay an additional reasonable charge.

8. Owner's access to Property

8.1 The Owner or their representative, including Booking.com, Airbnb or another representative, shall be allowed access to the Property at any reasonable time during any holiday occupancy.

9. VAT

9.1 All prices quoted include local VAT, unless specified.

10. Complaints procedure

10.1 In case of a complaint, please inform the Owner or caretaker immediately so the complaint can be correctly assessed.

10.2 Compensation will not be considered in case the complaint is sent in after the holiday has ended.

11. Data

11.1 In case you would like to know more about the use of your data, please check our Privacy Statement.

12. Legal

12.1 Any dispute, claim or other matter which may arise in relation to your booking will be governed by Dutch law and you agree that any dispute will be dealt with exclusively by the courts of the Netherlands.